My Ever Shifting World…

I may not think about it often enough, but just as the ground beneath my feet is always on the move, so too is the world of Educational Technology. I named this blog to remind me that shift happens, and I need to move or become fossilized in my comfortable ways. I recently finished up a very inspiring weekend at the annual CUE conference in Palm Springs and have decided to try different ways to reach out to the thirty-one K-12 schools in San Diego Unified that I support. I also hope to help the teachers in my district become more connected with each other and the world. 

After all, this is what I’m asking them to have their students do in class. So, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m entirely new to this whole idea of blogging, tweeting, and sharing my crazy perceptions. As I’m typing this, my daughter asks me, “Why are you doing this again?” To be honest, I’m still trying to figure it all out.

As suggested by CUE keynote speaker Adam Bellow (, I’m not going to worry about making “mistrakes” but will go out on a limb and jump in. So, here it is, world! The good, the bad, and the ugly! Hopefully, I will pick up followers.

I’m working on the project Reuben Hoffman (@reubenhoffman) encouraged us to go out and start. This blog is my project, and this is just the start.

4/24/2022 – Author’s Note: When I started this blog project, I originally called the blog “Ed Techtonics: Technology integrations that rock my world.” I’ve since moved on to something less silly.

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