Nobody Flops with Flipgrid: Video that Gives Everybody a Voice

Conference Resources:

SDCUE Tech Fair 2017, Presenters Pamela Rabin & Cheryl Steineman

“Participants of all grade levels will get a general overview of the free version of Flipgrid. You will create your grid, create a topic, and experience Flipgrid as a student. Ideas for use in a variety of classroom situations will also be shared.”

Thanks to everyone who attended our beginner’s session! And big, special thanks to Flipgrid Ambassadors @KarlyMoura + @SEANJFAHEY who not only put together, but then actively shared, their ultimate resource for using Flipgrid: which my co-presenter, Cheryl Steinemann, and I relied on heavily for thinking about our presentation.

As we stated in our presentation, after noticing that nobody had signed up to do a dedicated, get-started session just for Flipgrid, Cheryl and I decided that this new tool deserved a 45 minute session all to itself!

Currently, Cheryl and I are both Instructional Technology Resource Teachers, we like to say coaches, working within integrated coaching teams. This means that we are part of a triad of coaches supporting classroom teachers through a six week coaching cycle. Our triad consists of a Common Core Support Teacher (CCST) in Math, an English Language Resource Teacher (ELRT), and an Instructional Technology Resource Teacher.

Through this process Cheryl and I have seen the benefit of video records, especially as they relate to sharing and reflecting on mathematical thinking.

Presentation Resources

Link to Conference Presentation

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