All About Me and My Geek-ology of Life

To start, I’d like to give you little bit of background information about myself and my passion. Although I grew up in San Diego, and consider myself practically a native, I’ve lived in Spain, Germany, Italy, Florida, and Pennsylvania. My dad was a navy flight surgeon and that took us to many places all before I was three. I don’t really remember any of my exotic past.

I earned a BA in Psychology from UCSD, Revelle College, in 1993. Then obtained a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential  in 1994, and a Masters Degree is in Educational Technology in 2001, both through San Diego State University.

When I was in sixth grade, my mom was going through the same Educational Technology program that I later attended. She bought our first computer, a super spiffy Apple IIe with dual floppy disk drives, and brought home some of her training manuals describing “How to Program your Apple IIe Using Applesoft Integer Basic”. My mom was less than enthralled with the books, however, my sister and I devoured them and demanded more in pursuit of creating and finishing our own version of the early 80’s classic “Choose your Own Adventure” sagas…”You are standing in front of a deserted shack in the middle of a creepy graveyard. To your right is the cemetery of doom, to your left is a pathway leading into the darkest woods…” None of the choices were ever good.

Needless to say, my passion for technology in all aspects of my life was ignited early on. I spent the next few years moving to a Brother typewriter with deluxe 7 inch screen and later a tissue box sized Mac Classic while I was studying Psychology at UCSD in my ultra-tiny dorm room in Blake Hall. By 1993, I’d moved up to a PowerMac something or other. Ever since I have been eagerly keeping up with the changing pace of technology.

After getting a multiple subjects credential, I began teaching first and second grade at Oak Park Music Conservatory in the San Diego Unified School District and it just seemed a good fit to enter the Educational Technology Master’s Degree program at SDSU. To say the integration of technology and curriculum design is a passion is a bit of an understatement, as I’ve been accused of being a fanatic by any colleagues who would stay and listen or just happen to pass by my classroom when I was doing something I found exciting.

I took a little time off to sit in a cute rocking chair, next to a crib, and spend many night time hours contemplating what it would be like to sleep a full four hours in a row. Then, when I returned to the workforce of the living, I was privileged enough to work a three hour week in a first grade job-share at Gage Elementary. I think everyone should work three days a week, by the way. When I was financially ready to return to work fulltime, I transferred back to Oak Park and wondered when the massive technology rollout supported by Prop S would infuse my 2nd grade classroom with technology?

The opportunity to move to Carson Elementary in Linda Vista gave me the change of pace and chance to work in a third grade classroom with a 1 to 1 model and that was it, I was completely hooked and am convinced that this kind of engaging and personalized environment is where our future begins. There is no looking or going back. Now that I’m a resource teacher for San Diego Unified School District, I want to share that experience and insight, with as many teachers as I can. It’s pretty awesome.

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