2nd and Up? Iron Chef Lesson Design is for you! Google Slide on In!

Conference Session

SDCUE Tech Fair 2017, Presenters Pamela Rabin & Dana Faccio

“This 45 min session introduces Jon Corippo’s Iron Chef inspired lesson design to a new generation of teachers. Participants will win a Google Presentation you can use with your students, digest an overview the lesson design, and slide into experiencing it for yourselves!”

I promise you that on occasion I do come up with great ideas all on my own. However, this is not one of those times. This is a great lesson design which I have used with my students, with student teachers, and within professional learning opportunities I’ve facilitated for teachers. To the best of my knowledge, we have Jon Corippo to thank for this fun twist on the traditional jig-saw format. Better still, the twist isn’t just because we are using Google Slides and computers to drive the lesson, but in this session I’m not going to tell you all about it, I’m going to make you figure out why it’s so cool by experiencing a lesson yourself and through exploring our resources. I can’t give you everything in one paragraph…where’s the learning in that?

If you were unable to attend our conference session at SDCUE 2017 this year, with me and my colleague Dana Faccio, you are welcome to check out our presentation and peruse the list of resources we’ve compiled below. If you attended our session, thanks for putting up with us! We hope either way you experience this lesson design for yourself and let us know when you try it on. We want to know how it went and if you and your students liked it!

Hey, send Mr. Corippo a shout out too while you’re at it! @jcorippo

Twitter:  @pamrabin or @danafaccio

Email: prabin@sdcoe.net or dfaccio@sandi.net

Presentation Resources

Conference Presentation

Link to Iron Chef Presentation

Lesson Presentation to Use with Students

Link to Presentation to Use with Students

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